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Top 10 Christmas Songs List

Christmas Songs list lasted the test of time is the most famous and popular holiday song festival offers music lyrics. Christmas is the best of all time for the kids and they sing-a-long love for old favorites.

A Christmas song is a complex organism. More than a warm and fuzzy feeling, a way of tapping into the collective memory - our best, our classic Yuletide carol always between timelessness and nostalgia seem to find it impossible to balance. Unfortunately, on the flip side, however, the other 364 days of the year compared to joint Christmas novelty songs grating, has led to more foolish. And so we are left with the annual winter puzzle - we hear more broadly, 'Grandma got run over by a reindeer 'Biebers and consists of bubblegum that can continue to love one style of music?

The answer, of course, is always yes. And it is not for you forgave Paul McCartney, just because 'wonderful Christmas time.' The truth is that no matter the cost of Christmas songs to send you racing for the exits many shopping malls, always the old, dead, you will be permanently enjoyable classics coming back and feel a sense all over again can.

Best 10 Christmas Songs List

1. Little Drummer Boy
You usually 'Little Drummer Boy' will not turn down any version of headphones for, but it's always Christmas listenable tunes that sits in the pantheon of legendary David Bowie couple Crosby- Bing.

2. Jingle Bells
The reality is that Jingle Bells, just about the most popular American Christmas song, was formerly composed for Thanksgiving, however the sleigh bells in the Jingle Bells tune generated the song well-known at Xmas! The writer as well as composer of Jingle Bells was a minister known as James Pierpoint who made up the song in 1857 for kids honoring

3.Winter Wonderland
he famous Christmas song Winter Wonderland was first published in 1934. The composer was Felix Bernard (1897-1944) and the lyricist was Richard B. Smith (1901-1935).

4. O Come, O Come, Emmanue
Talk about staying power! This beautiful Christmas hymn as the original Latin roots can be dated as far back as the 8th century. Anglican priest John Mason Neil widely known English version in the 1850s, was co-translated - '. Good King Wenceslas' to write their own original Carol equally famous,

5. Merry Christmas (I Don’t Wanna Fight Tonight)
In a mere two minutes and six seconds, this energetic punk icons Ramones 1989 solo seemingly never-ending a welcome antidote to those, the type of holiday songs, 'Christmas is 12 days.'

6. Please Come Home For Christmas
This man is a broken heart is to solicit your holiday heart out is hard to turn the dial. In 1960 the first recorded by R & B singer Charles Brown, the Eagles went into the charts after a covering nearly 20 years.

7. Carol of the Bells
Christmas songs to sing along with it can be the most difficult, but they are alone in their car and reduction in bad harmonizers That does not stop you from trying to millions.

8. 2,000 Miles
The candidate is a hit in 1983, the fictional band's late guitarist James Honeyman- song written as an ode to Scott, but its lasting appeal that they care about the audience for a holiday far away from was going.

9. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
The sold-out performances of Tchaikovsky Nutcracker no Christmas is complete without, and that no part of the ballet season quite like this one that captures the magical innocence - yet still easy on the ears roughly 8,000 TV commercials immortal.

10. Santa Claus Go Straight to the Ghetto
Christmas music could use a little more funk, and James Brown was kind enough to provide it. St. Nick directly addressing the godfather of soul, we all win.


  1. Nice list. Need to search this on youtube to hear the songs. Thanks!

    Ann Torres
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